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About us

We’ve entered a world which transcends traditional mealtimes.
Your desk is your dinner table. Your home is your office.
Your office is a coffee shop.

You come home from work, tired. You open your fridge, it’s mostly empty with maybe some ingredients to “make” food. You don’t really have the time, will or energy to prepare food at this point or you simply have no idea what to cook. Eat quickly or eat healthy! This need of eating food right now, is always a dilemma – to compromise on health or time! Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you’re willing to compromise when it comes to food – in fact, your standards are very high. You want fresh, healthy and natural food, precisely where and when you want it. We at Kitchen & Soul recognized this and are offering and easy-to-order solutions to bring hand-crafted, fresh, and healthy food at your doorstep. It’s not take-out, it’s not home-cooking. It’s Kiso.

It is our mission to make it easy to get a delicious meal delivered to your door when you’re ready to eat. Food is a complex business that requires sourcing the best ingredients, making hundreds of meals, and delivering those meals quickly and efficiently, we’ll do whatever it takes to provide people with a healthy delicious meal, prepared with sustainable sourced, fresh and local ingredients – just as accessible as fast food and as fast as possible. We aim to pack every dish we make with as much flavour and as many nutrients as possible.

Our philosophy

I have a passion for food. I love all things of food – cooking food, eating food, thinking food and talking food. Being Swiss, growing up in a family where my mom always prepared fresh, home-made cooked meals I’m not used to eating processed or fast food. It’s expensive, unhealthy and I don’t like it. I see many people, including a lot of my friends, who don’t cook on weekdays. I created Kitchen & Soul – Kiso with one mission, to get more people eating and enjoying healthy food. I believe everyday should have an air of vacay and delight, whether you’re out on the road or at home so everything Kitchen & Soul creates is aimed to undertake a culinary journey through various cuisines.

My philosophy and approach about food is “Simple and Good”. We prepare food from the land and seas, inspired by many years of traveling across the world and culinary globe. I hope that you enjoy our dishes and I’m always keen to hear your opinion. Only with feedback, we would be able to learn what people really want and to provide an excellent customer experience and sustainable product.


Our food

How we deliver on deliciousness. From farm to kitchen to phone to table!

Our food combines lean proteins, complete carbohydrates, healthy fats and ample portions of vegetables and fresh fruit. We don’t abuse oil, fat and salt and also try to reduce the amount gluten and sugar. We care very much about the quality of the ingredients we use in our meals and source them for more than just exceptional freshness and taste. Whenever possible we partner with local suppliers who specialize in seasonal, and all-natural, offer antibiotic-free meats, and use wild-caught fish, to ensure quality in every dish.

Although we will provide ingredient lists of all our menus cross-contact with other foods (like wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish, and, shelfish) may occur and our ingredient information may not always include such foods. We are not responsible for any allergic or other adverse reactions you might have to our food.

We chill our food immediately after it’s cooked so we maximize its freshness and we can keep added fats and sugars lower than traditional take-out. Through our innovative cooking methods, we ensure that the meals hold up for extended period of time until the food arrives you.